1Percenter's Shine on the ILLUMINATIon,
These two things should be certain:
Luciferous death and tax evasion,
[as opposed to death and taxes]
They say, "may day, may day!", in regards to May 1st, 1776,
It's official genesis,
Later on, downplaying the July Independence,
Present day, it sneaks through all society's crevices,
Destined to Manifest in federal, state, and local governments,
A 33rd Degree Freemason implies full-fledged worship of Satan!
Masonic symbols presented throughout the country,
Dollar bills, city layouts, building blueprints collectively,
[check D.C.'s city layout]
Most probably, the Echelon satellite eavesdropping as you chill on your porch,
But don't get foolishly curious,
You might get scorched by Lady Liberty's Light-Bearer Torch, [Promethean]
Your privacy's been long and gone,
Thanks to all this meddlesome technology that's spawned,
Behind every closed door, there's always more,
Most structures really have a 13th floor,
It's just publicly undisclosed,
Like the true meaning behind UPC Barcodes,
It's the freedom of control!
1st Amendment's mad restrictions among jurisdictions based on ethnocentrism and organized religions,
Ever since the Medieval Inquisitions,
Hell's angels and heaven's devils conquer divisions,
Where even secular righteousness meant time in prison,
From the Crusades, We continue to fall from grace,
Descending in this world caste system,
Their solution was Social Security, where the rich get richer, poor get poorer, and the middle-class get it up the ass!
Benefits only given if you reach certain life expectancy,
International emergency for F.E.M.A.'s inefficiency,
World War dramas make up for every Biblical Revelation inconsistency...

We need to get immunized from the C.D.C.,
Center for Disease Control--but why Control the Dis-ease?!
Just rid of it completely!
From chicken pox to small pox to AIDS, simply put, it's synthetically made and rearranged--
For bio-warfare, so please beware,
Masons range from the FCC to the FBI to the IRS--so what's next?!
And yes, they're even in the Vatican!
Are We living this dream that's 'AmeriKKKan'?
With a dangerous and legit mind, I lamp--
On why Native Indians are almost all in a reservation,
Which is just another word for a concentration camp!
I guess the Constitution no longer applies,
Who's really the 'civilized'?
When you live and let die,
From the 13 stripes on the eagle, or should I say, phoenix's crest on the chest,
Check the presidential symbol to the 13 pyramid steps,
It's all a cycle, 13 equals Jesus and every Disciple,
The 13 Original Colonies,
Lucky 7's, evil 6's, and the Pentagon, as part of the pentagram explanations lead to homilies,
Don't get your 4 corners boxed in,
Keep your 3rd-eye open for these 2-cents I'm throwing in,
'Cause there's only 1 God who's just,
Tell me, In which God do We Trust?

For 2G, there was so much readY2Krash,
Numerous, like the times Bush referred to the New World Order unabashed,
The illuminati is basically money and secrecy,
Notice how the dollar bills are changing?
Started with the 100, as it gets down to the 1,
Strapped, towards underground shelters is where you gotta run,
Before they implant you with the Mark of the Beast-microchip,
Then you can stick a fork in it--you're done!
Originally invented by Dr. Carl Sanders in '68 for animal experimentation,
But the One-World Government chose to overtake,
Now, who's the guinea pig in this situation?
In this hi-tech world of immediate gratification,
The end-result is indolence by way of automation,
[stop procrastination!]
Making it easier for the 'iLLUMINATion',
With so much stressed on materialism,
We don't really own sh*t even if it's in Our possession--
That's the real ism!
If you bought something through the use of legal tender,
The government really owns it--
You're just the borrower, and they're the lender,
Only if it was bought with gold, you'd have sole ownership,
But gold being so rare nowadays, anyways, guess all We're good for is organ donorship!
I'll admit it--
Your home, car, et cetera could all be confiscated within the next minute,
Even though, "possession is nine-tenths of the law",
Are We really in it to win it?
ATM cards, credit, and debit,
Even dollar bills have the 'strip',
There's no way to stop it,
That means, a surveillance copter above knows exactly how much cash you got in your pocket!
So don't ever tell me to chill!
'Cause for the moment, their prophecy is unfulfilled,
Fundamentally, the owl on the upper-right-hand corner of the dollar bill signifies they are the wisest, coincidentally,
The "light of the night", if you will,
But I remain forthright with this insight on the twilight as I recite...
[it's true when they say, "money is the root of all evil"]

We're all familiar with Iacobus Burgundus Molensis,
Grandmaster of the Knights Templar,
Weishaupt's iluminati are among it's descendants,
Based on concensus, by far,
International Business Machine is just the superficial that is perceived by Our first and second ocular,
In the 1800's, Guisseppe Mazzini founded the M.A.F.I.A. core,
Now you know what the "M" stands for--
Tell you the rest some other time,
You can forget World War III 'cause World War IV's secretly being designed,
It's necessary for intervention that's Divine,
In order to countermine The Unseen Hand,
Also a long line including the Bilderberg Group, Rockerfeller and Rothschild fam--
And all their kind!
The Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] keeps you informed--
With what they want you to know,
You've been warned,
And the Trilateral Commission [TC] have all been sworned--how so?
To not let anything get in the way of the Antichrist--
For the remnant, legitimate, governmental overthrow twice!!
This is a clear case of man trying to overpower God,
Wanting to control nature with an ungodly squad and unethical legislature,
This all to educate you,
And now, I end this monologue--
With the 1Percenter shining on the illuminati's ill-nature,
Here and abroad!

"Shine on the iLLUMINATion" has yet to be recorded, but will be on the next 1Percenter album entitled "The Robespearean Era".

"They developed the word, 'race',  where ethnically and ethically,
there are no runner-ups..."
{So, I am an Anti-Racer in every sense of the word.}

AZHIATIC (My AIM screen name) is the pronunciation spelling of 'asiatic'.  ASIAtic in the sense that it All Started In Africa.

It's this inner city insanity which makes Me truimph tragically,
Oh the humanity!
It's a rarity to even penetrate one's canopy,
So caught up in making ends meet,
Takin' time to take a step back and puttin' everything in perspective's obsolete,
Hustle and bustle's got most physicals beat,
Now, you can only reach peak if your mentals ain't weak,
Certain to cross paths with death and taxes,
Daily bloodbaths make this Earth turn on its axis,
Increasing populations raises chances of confrontations,
Limited time and spacin',
Heavy trafficin' leadin' to roads' rage,
--And heedin' the bad news all over the airwaves,
As I respire deeply amongst all the smog and haze,
Quietly, the Secrets of Society outnumberin' the Piety,
The ill-effects of stress is a mess,
Even the closest friends and fam can put you to the test,
In a world so materialistic, I'm considered mis-fit,
'Cause I don't rock ice and pack heat in the form of a biscuit,
Yet, Won%'s underailed train of thought runs on...intricately simplistic,
Coppin' yet another damned pot for pissin' in,
Got those who are deaf, dumb, and blind closely listenin',
As if I were C. Web(ber) callin' for a t.o. in Michigan,
And what about inalienable rights?
--The System's dismissin' 'em,
On the straight and narrow, with no slight turnin',
I still say "peace" despite no love lost like Bosnia and Serbia,
Spreadin' this urban discernin',
All the way to boondocks and suburbia.

Lyrics originally taken from "Inner City Madness", a collaboration with the Forgotten Apostles on ughh.com
Back then, I was dumb,
Sometimes, synonymous with young,
Now, older,
Heart pumpin' blood that's colder,
Philosophical Souldier,
This Diatribe is undisputably justified
--Thru judgementally righteous eyes,
Why try to racially rationalize?
I rock for Moors, Black Grimaldis and Phoenicians,
Not for the Ofay, okay?!
--And triple K legions,
There's no survivin' clashin' wit' this lyrical titan,
Not pro-illuminati, yet, by the dark, I'm enlightened,
The Filthiest amongst the Few,
Hellish environs await you,
As I galvanize vital signs of another vanishing culture,
Your sense of belongin' is payin' tribute to a sculpture of torture,
Bad things happen to good peeps,
Good Shepherds slaughterin' their own tender sheep,
They're never there when you need 'em--like police!
Peace in the Middle East?!
But, that's a landmark of the beast!
Smolderin' frostbite, wrong is what's right,
Mecca, a.k.a. the Western way of life?!
A catacomb is only a temporary home,
Do all DNA recombinations and still can't fully clone
--'Cause the soul will roam, can't be caught,
Sought after, can't be bought,
Bio-lessons self-taught,
Universal ignorance ought to give this some thought...

These lyrics have been recorded to a track, which is currently untitled and not yet completed.  Once completed, this song will be on "The Robespearean Era" full-length album.
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Adversary...Social Enemy...Truth Within
Versified bulletin,
Diatribe's mad again,
Much to the chagrin
--Of the damnified Yuletide,
Solidified discipline,
So that  seraphim would subside?
But dissatisfied's My regimen,
Yous can easily tell that We're genuine inside,
Homocide on a harlequin,
Paladins soaked in formaldehyde,
Many have tried,
But we don't sound alike like homonym,
The Origin is purified,
Unlike when the unruly Thules divide-and-conquer begin,
We, the people, are in a tailspin,
And you're along for the ride,
Though fortified with the help of Divine tailwind,
Takin' a nosedive and still win,
What?! See the fortitude within?
Down don't mean deprived,
Buckle the fuck up like crash-test mannequin!
Catchin' wreck is the conclusion arrived,
Preside as Arch-Cherubim,
Another thing specified:
All those with the gaul will have a greater fall than the Wall in Berlin,
Since the prelim(inary), dignified,
Besides that, deadly as cyanide-saccharine,
You masculine?
But sit down when pissin'
--So you lied!
Denied at lettin' yous slide,
Out on a limb,
Yous tremblin' from this non-feminine sibylline exemplified, wordup.

Lyrics originally taken from "Mephisto Waltz" available on the i3 "Herbal Gerbal" album and 1Percenter "Holy Beast from The East" EP.

agent orange foreign objects
pourin' on your trends,
contagious thread original heads
make a sober cat fiend for the binge,
FOR YOU BY US no need to pretend herbacide,
we knock the trees off TIMS rock BURNERS on limbs
put the pins in PUFFY and watch SEAN JOHN go slim,
who told you a soldier cause you rock NO LIMIT?
you can't gain gains fallen victim to a gimmick
you rock a MECCA shirt what?!
but you catholic to the finish
now your a PURE PLAYA this year
with nothin' more than corporate cock in rear
so get your skin in gear we put the shock in gear
i'm a forget all the wack shit you rocked last year
agencia lorange
unique to stay same,
must you look strange?
you far from JOHN BLAZE,
touch down FIRST DOWN last quarter
we much down put the punch down drink water,
i'm the cat loungin' in the corner
lookin' sharper than the loud mouth
what makes you think PHAT FARM
makes your like look larger?
you ain't fly dope or def,
CAMOUFLAGE makes you rhyme like red and meth
at the same time
same rhyme
blend in rocks
and crooked tree limbs,
see tim?
no snaps on the petro
187 HOODA long armed metro
step up the pace
move up the tempo
...what does a rhino have to do with ECKO?
shit if i know
you ain't in karate nor kempo
i GUESS you wanna be
highly unlikely
you bought every color NIKE got
hem the boots tightly
grab the vest or you might be shot
that's what you tell 'em when you try and floss
shit to think about when you at the mall
buyin' BOSS iron loss
no keys, no nines, no grey tec's,
just these lines and a paycheck, pay cheque...

...yo, ask KARL, KAN-I bust?
get CON'd by a VERSE 'cause i must
and let you CHAPS peep it,
now GUESS who's gettin' dissed?
it's PERRY without the ELLIS
--puttin' holes in K-SWISS for frontin' like yous got cheddar,
HELLY HANSEN didn't know better,
this TRIBAL disciple stays laid in the cut on the DOWN LO,
a humble CHAMPION who'll stand against any VARSITY
RALPH LAUREN facin' charges of larceny
--'cause you're no big WILLIE, ESCO,
cut yous off tryin' to dial TRIPLE 5 SOUL,
the ffeds is over your head like a KANGOL,
toss OCEAN PACIFIC into the atlantic,
DONNA KAREN, CALVIN KLEIN lost in LONDON FOG actin' all frantic,
yo, sound the BUGLE, BOY,
WILSON and SPALDING have fallen into the GAP,
ADIDAS and AVIA annoyed by anti-rap,
ain't no quit even when JOE BOXER gets snuffed out,
IZOD bugged out,
CYBERTEK out-dated,
then got faded,
CARHART ripped and torn far apart,
REEBOK could only get in a cheap shot,
we go "haha" at DADA,
these marquees are just too peachy
--even more than CAVARICCI,
a-yo, big upsz to A.O.!

1st verse written and performed by Profile; 2nd verse written and performed by 1Percenter.  Lyrics originally taken from "Agent Orange industrial Gear(TM)"  available on the 1Percenter "Holy Beast from The East" EP.
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