The name's Robespeare (pronounced robspeer). I'm a quarter of a century old. I was born in the Islands of King Philip II of Spain (Philippines). I am of mixed ethnicity..Filipino, Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese. (I don't like to use the word, "race". Anyhow, if yous peeped out My words, you'd understand) I arrived in the United States of Amerikkka back in 1984. Jersey City (Chilltown J.C.), New Jersey was where I was raised. Though, I stayed in El Cajon, CA for some months before returning back to New Jerusalem (NJ). Now, I reside in Vegas. I lived in New Jeru for over a decade. My fam and I moved around a lot in Jersey..also resided in E. Paterson (Elmwood Park) for about a year. Then, moved out west to NV. Despite all the movin' about, music had been a mainstay in My life. I pretty much listened to all genres of music growin' up. I started gettin' more serious with Hip-Hop in the early 90's. I began as a writer. I started writin' around '94..and been writing ever since. I started out with a battle-type stee. Since then, I've progressed and gotten more deeper with My lyrics as I started to question things more and become more intuitive with My surroundings..i.e., I was born into Roman Catholic Christianity in a place that was predominantly Muslim (S. Cotabato, Mindinao), given a French-derived, I consider Myself a theist--not an atheist--with no real ties to any organized religion (spiritual, but not religious). I guess you can say that I'm on the righteous-anger-conscious tip, but I hate labeling, naw mean? Now, calling Myself the 1Percenter, which adds to My list of other aliases, such as Tribal D. ("D" for disciple), Holy Beast, AZHIATIC Anti-Racer, et cetera. If you care to know how Me and My team hooked up, read their bios. And if you care to delve more into My MYnd, then perceive My musical works and Manurscriptures with three eyes. I'm not 1 who likes to talk much. I like to let My craft speak for itself. Anyways, the illuminati's E.C.H.E.L.O.N. (it's mere coincidence that the government's top secret satellite system that intercepts any telecommunications is also the name of My entourage, iight?) is most probably watchin' yous this very instant..Heh.....1.
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..Say 'MUCH THANKS' to Thee All Mighty G.O.D., My Family...My Mom-dukes, Lourdes, and Mi Papi, Jimmy...My dewk, Corinne/Rina (sis ;o)...all of My lolos, lolas, titos, titas, godparents, cousins, nephews, nieces and family friends in the Philippines: Mindanao, Marbel, Koronadal, South Cotabato, Djangas, Zamboanga, Davao, Bicol, Irosin, Manila & Metro area, Non Family, Pereira Family, Besa Family, Pastor Family, Anthony A. Pereira (R.I.P.), Diosdado Non, Sr. (R.I.P.), Gerardo Non (R.I.P.), Melanio Non (R.I.P.), Francesca M. Donato (R.I.P.) WE MISS YOU!....Chilltown JC, Union City, Belleville, Freehold, Elmwood Park, Paterson, Newark, Hudson County, Bergen County, Ocean County, Somerset County, Monmouth County, Cherry Hill, Atlantic City, Wildwood, Boardwalk, Edison, Piscataway, Hoboken, Bayonne, West New York, Jersey City Heights, 201, 908, 732, 973 and 609 area codes, 07304, 07306, St.Aedan's Class of '92, Hudson Catholic Class of 1996, Elmwood Park Memoiral High, Paramus, Willowbrook, Hackensack, Lodi, Razmatazz, Newport Centre, Hudson Mall, Lincoln Park, Liberty State Park, New Jersey Transit, Union St, Kennedy Blvd, West Side Ave, Bergen Ave, Highland Ave, Jordan Ave, Tuers Ave, Summit Ave, Stegman Pkwy, Boyd Ave, Williams Ave, Montgomery Blvd, Linden Ave, Mallory Ave, Culver Str, Virginia Ave, St. Aloysios, Our Lady of Victory, Glenwood Ave, Ferry Street, Journal Square, Perez Family, Esperanzate Family, Pelipada Family, Sheridan Family, Lapid Family, Garcia Family, Leigh Family, Villamor Family, Villanueva Family, Lemus Family, Gilbert, Raymund, Joel, Gunther, Jerome Urbano, Pierre, Jose Nieves, Amabel, Irving Daludado, Ian Magparangalan, Patrick & Danny Sheridan, Timothy DeStasio, Christopher Briggs, Geoffrey, Emmanuel Roldan, Gener V., Cheryl Sarmiento, Lea Quaraiy, Jonathan Cajilan, Marcia Rosales, Lynlee Castillo, Blecilda Bonsol, Tricia Ongkingko, Kathy Atienza, Azlin Pimental, Rosemary Tawadros, Mary Joyce Bauson, Sidharta Dadivas, Joyce Rojas, Cresilito Trinidad, Jimbo...the New Jersey Nets holdin' fort...all the females that were turned down and vice versa q;op......The whole New York City/5 boroughs, upstate NY, Long Island, Toronto, Canada, Virginia, Boca Raton, San Diego, Fairfield, Oakland/Bay area, Los Angeles, Lomita, Lake View Terrace, Illinois, Texas, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Sin City/Lost Wages, Reno, Lake Tahoe... 

..THANK My Team, the FilthyFew-Echelon-Diatribe...Pro/ChesPEACE--My potna in rhyme and fam, Shun Dunn/Echelon Henchman ;o) and the Isaguirre fam, N.O.Q./r-sin/Roy and the Bernales fam, KO to the JizAK and the Reyes fam, i3, Pesto 1/Tito Murray ;o} and fam, Si`Mon and fam, Dust/What Iph, Mark Sadang, Shadow & Twice Born collectively know as HIstory,.Nonic, Tryon...Tyrone W., Tabias, Robert McGuire(i ain't forget you, yo--wherever you at), Eddy from L.A., Maryj and fam, Rob (Sean's boy), Mario & Marnell Estepa, Aires Santos, the Clark High cats i was coo wit', Numark Investigations, R.I.P. Tessie...R.I.P. Milton William Cooper...
Say 'BIG UPSZ' to Diz Phenom-E, Jewels, The Chapter, Mic Contollers, Lindsey, DaJoynt/Elof, IndustryRecords/Kool EQ, HipHopSiteDotCom, Wordup Show, 5-8, Mr. Steven 'S-Boogie' Boyd, Lalo, DJ Revise, DJ 5 Foot, AgentOrange Industrial Gear, Tim-bo, Adam "Red", Mechanizm for puttin' Us on @ the Junkyard, Divas, Cooler Lounge, The Rock, The Boston...
..Say 'SHUP' to all the cool cats @ Merck/Medco Health, thanx for the support and keep it up R.I.P. Tory Cage, Bob Burival, and Calvin Sloan.  My on-line dunnies:  The Garden Statesmen/GS:  Disturbance/Mr. hip-Hopkins(solid rep, my man), Lyrix Various/Chinny Ock/ChinAquA(if only you blessed more often), LUNGTECKNICIAN/B.N./Bry(you a coo cat, wordup), kiDen(how the weather be?), DyNa/TradeMark(fierce mc'ing, yo), Nick Kastle as XPERIENCE(damn, where you been?), C.O.N./ChosenOutNation('nuff respects)...THE NEW SECRET ANCIENTZ/NSA:  My Mann Hugh..yous know Hu/SuBAToMic12, ElArro/Jason(my boy and big upsz for the links  ;o), H.I./Toney Tone(same as J), AFFEX/Amir(wha-what, mah man), D.R.A.S.T.I.C(sick-type on the mic), Pisceaneye(may God bless wherever you may be)....Hip Hop Anarchists/HHA:  KaoticKnowledge./Kevvy Kev(HHA 4lyf), Cite3/ed0/Hijo/Senor tres(mi amigo), Rahh(much luv back at you), Theory and to the rest I am so sorry I could not recall all the names, but yous know who yous are.......U.G.H.H. headsz:  rapGehosifat/Spiffy Deluxe/Big Words(NUFF),  JWORDSMITH/S8/MR. Coleman(what the deal, crony), SynTax/Jimmy(shup, fellow laker-berater and anti-racer, right?), LuminousAbinatra/Mr. Pate(my friend), Gabriel/Khan aka Prophetik Poet/Mister Starck(mad daps), The Northern Element(a-yo, funky N.E., where you be?), QuietStorm/Q.-Nitty/Chris(what the drilly, dunn), The New Esco/Sean(respect due), Lil' Ju/Dark Child(my nig), Cypher(respects--wordup), Ecka(respect due), Nameless Bum(My fellow laker-berater), Flatliner/Frankie O.(what's goin' on, old timer), Utopiapeach(ughh m.i.a.), Ebomb, Vg Skillz, Grinna tha Smyle Cracker/Emcee Deluxe(big upsz), End Time Soldier(mi compadre), Kane, Divine Jewell(1Luv), Dvine Latina(luv reciprocated), Nocturnal Addict In Every Aspect/Tia/Nai Nai(mi amiga), Xentric(hey there, mizz X), Black Soultan Ad Infinitum(whatup, BSAI), Hitemup/L.S., Cire/0002ERIC(que te pasa, senorito), Mikey/Concepto(shup, miguelito), Stigmata(respect), Crimson/Nstant/Rawthredz, Castro/Gangster C, NateEssex/, penpoint), Kingpen/Wilson(HEH), verbaltek(peace, pare), Cinnamon, Tabs3k(hope you didn't stop rhymin' 'cause don't see postin' no mo'), Magic Uno, Udon Constantine(haven't seened you, yo, where the f%ck you be?), Odysseus(kumusta ka ba, pare?), 2ill, illxplicit, Npayshint, Gemini T.L.S., JAEKUAN(keep opening them 3rd eyes--no matter where you are), XXL/Mr. Batz, Vikki Storm, Sef, Infored, Tionna, Statik, Da Antagonist, C-Street aka ??, benz1980, enoz(yo, where you disappear to?), hades, smoothgrun(Peace&1), Arene15605/dizkovery, Lyrical Mastermind, disney, Rp_None(respects--wherever you be at), odd icon(NJ rep), Crescent Monk (Anubis), Kinetic Monk, Iron Buddha, Mellifluous, TrueSon, Ben-Nice, Agile, Universal Contagion, Hardgore, Flames, Poetic Disciplez, Forgotten Apostles, Endless Creativity, Dream Team, Partners In cRhyme, Triple Threat, Second City Suns, EsoTerrorWrists, Subterranean Intellect, Heatseekers, Amsterdam Agents, Brooklyn Reps,  The Dynasty, The Alliance, Ground Control, Savage Studios, Mad Hatter9d9/Dave(you illy, yo, stay up), civil poet(nuffin' but peace, real poet), zub one, micwise(another ughh m.i.a.), shogun(it's peace), Agent Orange(peace, yo), Microcosm(peace to you--wherever you might be), mask506, JAPAN/janus, mystical weaponry, shapeless, J. Sizzor, weapon X, cob@lt the infamous, SNAP-TITE, Kal-El, EllisDee, anakin, jakester(it's peace,yo), Vynal Tap, Gorjus, Bhe_key, ndn girl, Onslaught (Spark), blizzak, 2Graphical4U/NUMS, KarmaSoother(you been M.I.A.), bharbentor, Savant(eye still remember luv), Internal Affair, onestep22/dark city, dam rhyme/after death, biokat, chips, Dark Seraph, Da1st soldja, LyricalXS, Atypical(peace), Madness(keep RIPpin'em), As_Samad, RoCee(peace, pinoy), kgbjoey, Adam Walder/Quest, Mg, Gentle/Genital/Prick Nasty, g e h o s i f l a t, The Enlightened One, linquistic, Mr. Marvelous(PEACE, son)....  

...Say "I'm here, if you wanna get at Me": to ALL My friends Eye don't see for whatever reason..

..Say 'NUFF RESPECTS' to Hip-Hop Artists:  L.O.T.U.G., A.T.C.Q., Reginald Noble, Keith Murray, Erick Sermon, Ras Kass, La the Darkman, AZ, Nasir Jones, Sean Carter, Immortal Technique, NonPhixion, Jedi Mind Tricks, Jus Allah, Outerspace, Army of The Pharaohs, BoogieMonsters, Xzibit, Andre Young, Defari, Gang Starr, KRS-ONE, Rakim Allah, Canibus, Royce the 5-9, Common Sense, Hard2Obtain, De La Soul, Chi Ali, Mic Geronimo, Miilkbone, Naughty By Nature, Chino XL, Rah Digga, Flipmode Squad, Outsidaz, Just Ro, E.C., JUICE, Atmosphere, Camp Lo, INI, PeteRock, C.L., Eric B., Special Ed, King Just, Wu Tang Clan, Killarmy, Shyheim, Boot Camp Clik, Missin' Linx, Cella Dwellas, Royal Flush, Tragedy Khadafi, C-N-N, Infamous Mobb Deep, Native Tonguers, Run DMC, Salt 'N Pepa, Cormega, Nature, Da Youngstas, Kurious, Ill Al Skratch, LL Cool J, Lost Boyz, D.I.T.C., Terror Squad, Heather B., Channel Live, L.O.N.S., Sugarhill Gang, Whodini, Akinyele, Beatnuts, Warren G, Nate Dogg, Swigga, Big Noyd, Alkaholiks, 7L, Esoteric, Tracey Lee, Roots, Bahamadia, Group Home, Jeru, House of Pain, Cypress Hill, Funkdoobiest, Masta Ace, Marshal Mathers, DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, Funkmaster Flex, Tony Toca, Blahzay Blahzay, Real Live, Marley Marl, Marshall Mathers/D-12 Outkast, Goodie MoB, L.E.S., Snoop Doggy Dogg, DJ Honda, Nine, Jungle Brothers, Queen Latifah, Biz Markie, Black Sheep, 3rd Bass, East Flatbush Project, Rottin' Razkals, Illegal, Lord Digga, Killah Priest, Pop the Brown Hornet, Danja Mowf, Mad Skillz, Timbaland, Lox, Craig Mack, Nice 'N Smooth, Cali Agents, Bad Seed, A+, What What, MC Lyte, Lin Que, Del, Ice Cube, Heiroglyphics, Domino, Paperboy, Mega Banton, Shabba Ranks, Mad Cobra, Born Jamericans, Black Panta, Buju Banton, Artifacts, Shaggy, Patra, Bounty Killer, Brand Nubian, Large Professor, Zulu Nation, Junior MAFIA, Foxy Brown, Smoothe Da Hustler, Trigger The Gambler, D.V. Alias Khrist, Nexx Level, Jemini the Gifted One, Organized Konfusion, Pharcyde, Dred Scott, E-rule, Eve, Gravediggaz, Onyx, Mad Lion, Gauge, High & Mighty, Cru, Dilated Peoples, Kool G Rap, Cam'ron, Kam, Black Star, Hi-Tech, Ed O.G., L the Head Toucha, Big Kwam, Big Daddy Kane, BDP, Afrika Bambata, P.R.T., Coolio, Young Zee, Wise Intelligent, Obscure Disorder, Walkin' Large, Unspoken Heard, B.U.M.S., M.O.P., Frankie Cutlass, Blackstar/Mos Def & Talib Kweli, Beatminerz, Drag-On, Charli Baltimore, DMX, 24/7, T-roc, Rackotiks, Lady of Rage, NoID, Mood, Main Flow, Missy Elliot, Beanie Siegel, Black Eyed Peas, Lace Da Booms, Last Emperor, Kwes tha Madd Lad, NWA, MC Ren, Fugees, Kurupt, Saukrates, K-Solo, EPMD, Hit Squad, Def Squad, Jizzm, DJ Q-bert, Medina Green, J-Treds/Pound, MK II, Question Mark Asylum, Rah Sun, Das EFX, PMD, Hurricane G, Above The Law, Ice T, Sporty Thieves, Mystidious Misfits, Flavor Unit, Grand Puba, dead prez, Apache, Quo, Bas Blasta, Scarface, Geto Boys, RSO/Made Men/Benzito, Positive K, Deadly Venoms, Nate Dog, Main Source, Luniz, Kool Keith, Refugee Camp, Kris Kross, 45 King, Ruff Ryders, Fatal, K-otix, Adagio, Y.B.T., Swollen Members, Supernatural, Sunz of Man, DJ Spinna, Reservoir Dogs, Golden State project, Four Horsemen, J-Zone, Lil' Viscious, Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Fresh Prince, Kid Capri, Temple of Hip Hop Culture, Roxanne Shante, Monie Love, Spinderella, Nefertiti, DJ Polo, Cool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, King Tee, Diamond D, O.C., Fat Joe, Lord Finesse, Showbiz, Andre the Giant, Buckwild, Ghetto Dwellaz, Swigga, Kid 'N Play, Roc Raida, Xecutioners, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Charli Baltimore, Jadakiss...
..Say "Rest In Peace" to the following:  Christopher Rios b/k/a Big Punisher, L. Coleman b/k/a Big L, Freaky Tah of Lost Boyz, Tupac Shakur, Christopher Wallace b/k/a Biggie Smalls, Eric Wright b/k/a Eazy E, Scott La Rock, Yusef of The Nonce, Aaliyah Haughton, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, Jason Mizell b/k/a Jam Master Jay.......Drazen Petrovic, Bobby Phills, Malik Sealy... 


..Say PEACE to the miscellaneous masses out there who:  are beraters of the present-day lakers :o]...those who know too much...those who are prisoners politically...those who are righteous and realize man-made laws fall short...those who choose to use the third optical point of view...those who are considered 'whack':  yous have inspired Me...those who are humble...those who go against the grain/99%...those who can't tolerate tag-alongs, copy cats, backstabbers, et cetera...those who are divinely-blessed with talents and use them accordingly...those who don't know the meaning of 'quit'...those who stand up for what they believe in--no matter how much the truth hurts...those who know that you can do anything that is logically possible...those who cut thru red tape, eliminate the middle man, etc...those who oppose the Evil that is forthcoming...those who don't let their minds get polluted by media infotainment lies...those who seek and those who find...those who know the real history...those who are learned and despise ignorance...those who know this is life on Earth is a temporary one, and such materialism is unimportant...those almost-extinct political figures who believe in honesty, justice, and what's beneficial to man...those who possess forbidden knowledge, but still share it...those who exposed hurtful truths, and get penalized in violent ways...those who take the path less traveled--not by coercion, rather by choice...those who don't give in to insurmountable pressure and stress...those who are real to themselves--trying to gain knowledge of self...those who once they achieve something, they either maintain or keep gaining more ground...those who are paranoid--for good reason...those who wish to experience first hand events instead of word-of-mouth...those who know the Federal Reserve, IRS, Insurance, etc. are frauds...those who "..don't vote 'cause it all 'hangs in the ballots'"...those who believe "everyday is a gift--that's why it's called the present"...those who take time to take a step back and try to put things in perspective no matter if time does not permit it...those who are 'enlightened' by The Dark...those with correct morals on issues, instead of beaurocratic views...those who know that "it's Conspiracy LAW--not theory"...those who try not to be affected by all this new technology which makes people lazier and procrastinate...those who do or say what they feel needs to be said or done despite the presence of surveillance entities...those who have heart--not false courage...those who think for themselves...those who choose not to follow what they know is wrong...those who take pride in humility/show-offs at being humble...those who expand their horizons yet realize their limitations...those who educate the youth with TRUTH...those who don't celebrate Saturnalia/Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other such holidays because of the true history of these events...those who don't attend the armed forces, army, navy, et cetera...those who read books such as The Isis Papers, Soul on Ice, Behold a Pale Horse, and other literary works along that line...those who choose to pursue a personal education not given or taught in schools, textbooks, etc...those who know that some shit's about to go down in the near future...those who lay low/lay in the cut...those who know the schematics and reasoning behind the invention of the gun...those who know the truths about cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products...those who know that sports is a MAN's game--and WHY...those who are not gullible...those who are not naive to the facts...those who choose to look beyond...those who are time-efficient/time is money...thoses who are held against their will...those who get victimized--whether it be by man-made diseases, illegal activity, or what-not...those who are prejudged as guilty and later found innocent...those who know that NOBODY is above the law...those who recognize Mary Magdelene as the true Holy Grail and as Christ's wife and their offspring as royal bloodline

Hear Me Out.......
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